CA AR-10

  • Internals:
    CA 7mm bearinged reinforced SR-25 GB
    CA super Torque SR-25 gears
    CA SR-25 boreup cylinder
    ICS alluminum boreup PH and piston
    VS Studio SR-25 air nozzle
    CA SR-25 yellow piston
    CA SR-25 tappet
    Speed airsoft adjustable trigger
    ASCU fire controler
    11.1v 1800mah 20c lipo
    CA high torque motor
    CA M4 hopup
    gasket seal on PH/cylinder union
    tappet face milled .38mm
    reshim/aoe(70DX.25in sorbo)
    cylinder window radiusing
    full hopup tune including Modify oringed adjustment wheel
    Firefly flat spacer,and modified madbul blue bucking
    Extensive air nozzle mods,nozzle shortened 1mm,nozzle crowned,
    nozzle heatshrink wrap to control compression loss,and center nozzle in hopup

    This is still a work in progress,and being so im not through with her.When im done she will be beastly to say the least


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