CA Sportline m15a4

  • Externals:
    -2x rail covers
    -Front RIS sling mount mounted at 11 o'clock
    -Rear sling mount
    -Tan IAS
    -Magpul MBUS rear sight
    -Magpul AFG
    -Sprayed a tan base with sponge detailing
    -Madbull 363mm 6.03mm tightbore
    -Systema hop-up bucking
    -Matrix polycarb piston
    -Systema spring guide
    -Element 6mm oil slot bushings
    -SHS 13:1 gears
    -SHS tappet plate
    -G&P cylinder
    -AIM air nozzle
    -Elite 9.6V 3300mAh
    -Element torque motor
    -Deans connectors
    -JG or G&P piston head
    -10x KA 120rd midcaps
    -2x MAG 100rd midcaps
    -2x JG 120rd metal midcaps


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