CAG inspired HK416 (VFC) and Glock17 (KSC)

  • I\'ve modeled both of my weapons to go along with my current impression, Army CAG/ACE.

    The 416 is sporting KAC replica back-up iron sights, a EOTech 551 (replica), PEQ-15 (replica), Surefire Mini scout (replica), Surefire duel switch (replica), Tango down rail covers, CAR-15 stock with John Masen buttpad, a Redi-mag (replica), and a KAC or surefire suppressor that I swap around depending on my mood. It is significantly upgraded on the inside, but I\'d rather not get into that. I have it attached to my body by a Bluefocegear Vickers padded sling.

    The G17 has a PGC slide, RMR (replica), Guarder flared megwell, Streamlight TLR-1s, the frame has some stippling done, and it has a Tight bore barrel as the only internal upgrade. The magazines have Shooters Design +2 baseplates. It\'s all riding in a Safariland 6354DO Holster


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