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Whats up guys! My name is Cameron and I have been a airsofter for about 3 years now. I started at a friends house having OP lion claws worthy batles with Walmart springers. Since then I have been obsessed with learning everything I can about this sport. Lets go over my guns and gear.

I run a Eagle industries molle chest with ATS triple wedge m4 pouch, and a Blue force gear ten speed triple pouch on top of that. moving down, I have a regular Flyye BDU belt with a condor dump pouch attached to it. my pants are LA police gear khakis with marine issued knee pads. boots are just timberland work boots, but im saving for some magnums. My eye pro are revision locust goggles in desert. Finally I have a condor hat with American flag patch.

My main gun Is a Magpuled out VFC m4. I love this gun to death! shes my baby and I will never sell her. she has a DD 9 inch omega x rail and lots of magpul accessories. i have a replica Aimpoint T-1 micro on her and im currently saving for a peq-15. internally she is shooting 25 rps at 350 fps cause I play both cqb and field. I like her ROF at 25 because I run midcaps and i think anything faster is unnecessary. AOE adjusted regreased reshimmed, DE mosfet installed, and I run a 11.1 on her.

next i have a DE m56dl for cqb. Bet your thinking" Ew a double eagle" but you are wrong. this shotgun is actually very playable for being a 50$ shotgun. The trishot has a pretty good spread so hitting 2 people on one shot is probally gunna happen:) only thing I hate is the stock is very wobbly.

Finally, we have my KJW 1911 tactical. great little gbb from KJW. It look great with the new grips I put on and preforms amazing. upgraded with a madbull 6.03 barrel. gas efficient and hit hard. that all I ask for in my pistols.

Well thats basicly it, I play mainly at Warped ops airsoft, and patriot airsoft. located in SOCAL so hit me up if you wanna go play!

ALL of this gear was bought from me and paid from my wallet. i took the total of the 3 years of playing the game to obtain all of it.



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