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I have been playing airsoft for three years now and i have been in command of a small team of five other players. being that im the team captain i myself needed to be better trained. i don't really have a position except that i am in command and my team "hires out" to other teams as a spearhead force. we are a Mercenary team at heart and i myself im proud of it. my load-out is quite simple. besides PMC civilian clothes (including my Bloody Hat) i also wear a 3 color desert BDU for my 82nd Airborne loadout. my currently permanent weapon is a ECHO 1 STAG ARMS M4A1 with a full metal body. i also have a simple spring pistol as a side arm because i don't expect to use it seriously. i reside in NY, long island. which has an awesome indoor CQB field and 3-4 major outdoor fields throughout the island.



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