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    KWA M4A1:

    AIM High Torque Motor
    CA Blue Steel Rack Piston
    G&G Poly Piston Head
    Madbull 120 Spring
    Maple Leaf Bucking

    KWA M4CQB:

    Lonex A2
    SHS Blue 14 Tooth Piston (Lightened)
    SHS Red Alum Piston Head
    Lonex CNC Cylinder Head
    Prommy 120 Spring

    **** I run-

    On my head:
    Emerson FAST Helmet - Tan
    Matrix Gen4 Full Face Mesh Mask - Black
    Under Armour Hat - Black
    Under Armour Heat Gear Balaclava - Black
    TMC Gen1 Lower Face Mesh Mask - OD

    Revision Desert Locusts - FG/Tinted Lens
    Smith Optics Boogies - Clear
    ESS ICE Shooting Glasses - Yellow

    Flyye 6094a - CB
    Pantac MPS - CB
    Conderp Battle Belt - Khaki

    Pants, shirts, and other cloth items:
    Propper BDU Pants - MC
    Tru-Spec Cotton Tshirt - MC
    Rothco BDU Pants - UCP
    Old Surplus M81 BDU Blouse and Pants
    Random Shemags - Tan/OD

    Other Crap:
    Random Shemags - Tan/OD
    Rothco 5357 Boots - Tan
    ACM Hard Knuckle Gloves - OD


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