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Took over Toxic Airsoft. Insurgent has rental guns available. 30$ for admission with rental package. Must use field bb\'s in rental guns. Standard admission is 15$ per session. Water and sodas available for purchase in addition to patches and smoke grenades.
Indoor CQB. Family owned. Proshop inside. Great place to play.
We are open for Airsoft players Airsoft players can play all day for only $10 Must have your own equipment We will be renting Airsoft Guns on Saturdays only. The Rental package for airsoft is $30.00 for gun and 1000 airsoft bb's and mask. You must call and reserve your Rental for Airsoft. We...
Fort adobe is a small family owned field located in Phoenix near Glendale, I think. I liked It back in the day when I played with my friends after school. The combo paintball/airsoft field has three game fields, two of which are designated to speedball( maybe qcb too, but I never tried it). The...
Gilbert cqb field Excellent refs No tolerance for people tht don't call their hits Friendl staff Fair admission of $20 dollars If your their long enough they treat you like family Indoor shop with quality price
Located in Gilbert, Az. It's all CQB and the facility is excellent. The owner and his entire staff are very friendly and helpful. I always have a good time. Because the engagements are so close the field FPS is relatively low at 330. You also have to purchase and use field BBs. All-in-all it is...
Awesome Field (Largest Airsoft Only Course In AZ!) Review By: Cody Moorhead
It's a decent sized field with plenty of of tiny single rooms outdoors as cover. Very little concealment (not a good sneaking field), but plenty of people usually (more of a paintball field than an airsoft field). It's fun, but I'd imagine there's better out there (I just don't know if in Tucson)