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Sfpgame offers intense field layouts including real boats used for D-day themed games
2014 will be our third year of running Airsoft games on our 10 acres dedicated to only Airsoft (paintball fields are separated). We run games two Sundays on, one Sunday off, two Sundays on, one Sunday off, and repeat.
Airsoft war at ironman paintball in Rochester minnasota at 4pm
Has BB's for sale seldomly.
THIS IS A PRIVATE FIELD!!!! if you wish to play CALL ME FIRST!!! otherwise if we set up a game as long as your respectful and polite to all the players and rules than i hope you enjoy it, there arn't many choices this far north
This field is NOT insured, you play at your own risk and it's very fun, but we can't be held liable for injuries. This field consists of 60 acres, all 60 acres are used for large scale events. Smaller events only use one fourth of the field.