cdboi's arsenal

  • I started off with the pistol, its a WE p226 just for a bit of fun and then decided to get more into it and went with the ICS M4 CQB, use the M4 only for indoor games as its to low for outdoors, I plan to upgrade it to around 360 fps with a longer inner barrel and asilencerto cover the extension, the fps limit at the indoor area i play at is 370 so that will work perfectly. putting a red dot site on it some time next week

    I started playing outdoors and realised the ICS M4 justwasn'tcutting it at the longer range, so got a new gun for out door, was going to get a vfc scar-h mk17 but saw the mk18 mod 0 and being myfavouritegun went for that instead, plan to upgrade the spring and the barrel then silencer to cover the extension to push up the fps toaround470, will also add a 4x acog scope on it and maybe give it a custompaint-job, probably a woodland camo to go with outdoors.


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