• Prototype, manufactured by Catbird Defense Industries, Ltd.
    Presented to the UNSC for trial as the ODST\'s new XM54 modular objective combat rifle.

    CDI\'s newest introduction to an ever growing line of positively [email protected]$$ custom airsoft guns. This big boy offers a SOLID design, made from bulkheaded 0.125\" ABS plate stock, roughly twice as thick as what you\'d find in a typical model, reinforced with a skeleton of perpendicularly mounted bulkhead plates.
    This bad boy may be hefty, but it\'s perfectly balanced. If you don\'t soon forget you\'re carrying 12 pounds of \"screw-you\" under your arm, you need bigger arms.

    Features a high-speed 3-round burst, all standard, upgradeable internals, and compatibility with any Steyr AUG magazine for TM or JG pattern guns.

    Accept no substitutes.


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