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General Information

First AEG I bought since I returned to the game. It's not perfect, nor is it supposed to emulate anything IRL. It's sporting the uber-uncool black finish because I can't make my mind up on camo patterns. I almost bought a Pandapul stock for it; but I ended up liking the MakoFAB GLR16. I'm considering buying the GLR-MAG stock to really piss off the HSLD crowd :-D.

Mag pouches? Who needs these-what-chu-call-them these "mag pouches"?

Real Troy & Magpul BUIS (The exterior bane of this AEG; HK ones missing XD!)
Redi-Mag system (so sad, it covers the trademarks up :-(...)
Surefire M910V clone (neat, but I don't like having to broomstick the VG)
FAB defence GLR16(I want to throw a FAB GLR-MAG just for the lulz)
Cheapo UTG redgreen dot (destined for a CompM4 clone)
Cheapo NC Star green laser (needs more PEQ box) - Chris Walken
Ultra HSLD paracord single-point sling attachment

Trigger happy trigger & guard will be here Monday

ProWin hopup chamber (Going to pick up a Lonex chamber sooner or later)
Madbull red bucking & nub (gonna try a Maple Leaf at some point)
Modify SS-AL 6.03 barrel (looking for a 363mm455mm Promy EG)
Stock motor(Lonex A2...maybe)
Stock gears & piston(SeigeTek & Lonex when they fail)

Wishing For:
Black Talon Concepts Spectre, maybe a ASCU depending on which I find first.
14.5" Dytac SMR rail; gonna turn this into a integrally suppressed build.
Spike's Tactical Suprressor



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