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Bought this gun used for $65 total, it was in disuse for around 5 years so it needed to cleaned. After a thorough cleaning and getting to know the gun I found it was able to shoot far enough, but not with the best accuracy. 40 or so yards it could easily place shot after shot on target, little beyond that and it starts getting bad.

This being my first sniper I was a bit stubborn and yet cautious when upgrading. I dug through a plethora of pages to find what parts could be upped and what could be modded, chased after rumored upgrade kits, eventually I came to the conclusion that this gun is, without extra modification, incapable of most upgrades. So I modded the hop up chamber to accept vsr 10 style inner barrels and buckings. Currently I have an Action Army bucking and a DEEPFIRE 6.04 mm tight bore barrel.

Stock performance was accurate to around 40 yards, capable of shooting to 80 with much less accuracy, all at around 420 fps. Due to my negligence in leaving the spring pulled back over night I lost whatever fps I would have gained from the tight bore barrel so I am back at 420... I can go 5 for 5 on a torso sized target at 50 yards, same with all ranges before it but at longer range my accuracy drops, as expected. I was able to land 4/6 shots on the same target at 80 yards, but under ideal conditions with angle adjustments. I did make an incredible 70+ yard shot in game this last weekend. My second kill with this thing and neither me nor my target could believe I made the shot!

I plan to get a custom trigger, upgraded spring guide, and possibly contact Edgi for an upgrade cylinder altogether, but for now just the trigger, spring guide, and spring upgrades to help me get that extra range without the gun falling apart.

Mods I plan to perform include an R-hop, TDC, making my own nub, and making a mount for a scope cam. I plan to paint this thing in a digital camo pattern, mostly for aesthetics.

>>> Mods completed: TDC, custom pink eraser nub, shims. Amazing improvement.

Oh and the reason for the name Chimera is that my gun seems to be becoming a monster made of various parts forcibly combined. The digital pattern will be surprisingly suiting in my opinion and I am looking forward to using it more.

Pics will be up within the week.



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