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I have been playing Airsoft since 2007 and have been a member on this forum since 2010. There was a time between 2012-2015 that I had completely withdrawn from Airsoft, but I have gotten back into it as of recently.

My current primary is my Cyma AK-74 and my backup is my Cyma AKS-74U. Even though I own a good G36 lineup of upgraded replicas, I have found that I feel much more comfortable using an AK replica ever since I got back into this hobby. My sidearm that I\'ve been using for the past 1-2 years has been my WE G17.

I don\'t have a loadout based on an impression. I typically just wear Boots, Surplus Flecktarn Pants, a cheap duty belt, a Blackhawk Glock 21 holster, a moisture-wicking shirt, my MODI CB JPC, Mesh mask/Valken Full-seal Eye protection, and a Flecktarn boonie hat.

I like to tech and work on my replicas that I\'ve owned over the years. However, I have learned much more since getting back into Airsoft within the past year and have taught myself more than I ever knew before.




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