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Hello fellow Airsofters! I am fairly new to the sport as I have only been playing a few months but I am in love! I used to play alot of Paintball and funnily enough always loved by guns not knowing there was a clash of the two! I love the military feel and comradery of this sport and plan to play for as long as I can! My name is Ciaran Poulton, Dragon is a nickname due to my obsession with Dragons and having Bearded Dragons. I am still feeling my role in the game but I am mostly an assault soldier running an A and side arm. I have a beautiful rare Masada the real deal one that was made by Magpul themselves before they sold the design. Run two High-Cap mags, 4 Mid-Cap mags and 3 mags for my Blackwater CO2 pistol. I have a vest that holds 6 M4 mags nicely. I do have my eyes on a SAW Minime that I will have a go at for the sheer hell of spraying bb death at people. Peace Out and Spray it don't Say it!!



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