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Classic Army CA36E

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-background info

This was the first of the G36 variants to be produced by Heckler and Koch. German army wanted a replacement for the G3 and out came the G36. I wont bore you with too much history of the real steel. After all this is airsoft, not real, right?

Background info:
I purchased this gun at Airsoft Extreme for $229 after tax. It normally retails for $254 at AEX, but they had a huge 20% off holiday sale. I felt happy leaving with money still in my wallet. I forgot about the sale, and this is the first new “high end” expensive gun I have ever purchased.

I’ll start with the flash hider and work my way back.

disregard the small scratch on the bottom you see, that was my fault. Overall it has a very nice finish to it. The orange paint is painted on well, and is a nice flat orange. So if you’re a person who insists on keeping the orange tip on, its descreet, yet still there for the cops to see. The flash hider cannot be removed. It is built into the outer barrel. I have tried boiling hot water and a wrench CW and CCW and it does not come off. I talked to another owner and he said he had the same problem. It doesn’t bother me other than there is a barrel cap so you can only use a 495mm barrel or shorter. It can be filed out or dremmeled so you can use a standard M16 509mm barrel. IMHO, only the stock flash hider looks good on this gun so don’t let this turn you away. Going back to the rest of the outer barrel, there is no wobble. It has a nice flat black finish that is perfect. I really like it. Definatly better than a glossy outer barrel on my buddies JG M4.

The handguard is your standard full lengths 6 vent hole G36 handguard. External finish is great. There is a small blemish on the top, but its barely worth mentioning and you really have to look for it. It feels very strong and it does not wobble at all. There are some small seam lines, but nothing big and I suspect the RS G36 has the same. They are very minor. The texture is great, but I’ll talk more about that when I get to the main body.

The lower receiver/selector switch is very nice. The grip is very comfortable and there are no seam lines that cut into your fingers. There is a little ball that moves with the selector switch that allows it to click into place firmly so you know what spot your in when changing firing modes quickly. Nothing to complain about here.

the trade marks are very fake. But the 5.56X45 is nice at least and its better than nothing I guess. The “electric air gun”, “made in hong kong” trade do annoy me, but I’ll live, nobody will see them unless they are specifically looking for them.

The body is made out of a nylon fiber reinforced plastic. It doesn’t flex or creek at all when handling like my TM AUG does. This is some great stuff. I love the finish on it. I used the flash in the picture and had a light on it so you can tell how little it reflects light. Hopefully you can see the texture too. It feels great. Not smooth, but not rough at all. Its hard to explain but I really like it.
The charging handle is very cheap. Well, only the little handle that swivals is. It is made out o cheap plastic and it snapped the other day under very light use. I glued it back and it works again, but now I am going to just leave it. I don’t want to break it again. Maybe one day I’ll get a metal one for it. The charging handle pulls back to reveal the hop up adjustment wheel.

for airsoft purpouses, this scope is very impractical. It has decent eye relief, but the field of view sucks. I ca sight it in very easily though, which is nice. For RS, it would work great because you can see much more at long distances, but for under 200ft, it is only good for spotting and DMR use. I found myself using it to get someone 2-3 times at distance, but for the most part I don’t use it. There are small cheap iron sights on top that let you point the gun it the right direction. There nice to have. There are good for horizontal aiming, but they are off vertically. It aims high. Not a bid deal, I plan on buying an A2 scope handle so I can mount a small aimpoint or reflex sight on top.

the stock is very nice. It locks into position very firmly and is not going to move. There is no wobble when folded or open. Also, after measuring it, I noticed it is the correct length. Most manufacturers put a C stock on all their models, even the full sized ones, but CA has the correct length, witch is about 1in longer. I am very happy with this part of the gun.

Here is the mag. It is a good high cap. It feeds well and fits great into the magwel. The mag release is ambidextrious and That is a huge plus for me since I’m a lefty. It has the standard mag clips so you can stack your mags together. Trades are fake, but why should that be a big deal? It doesn’t bother me anyway.

I’ll start with the hop up
I really liked the hop up design for the G36. It is very easy to work on and getting the nub in is super easy since you just drop it in the top. FPS readings are within 5fps, so this must be a nice chamber with a good seal. Some people like to upgrade to a pro-win chamber, but I do not see the need as this one is very nice the way it is.

The stock bucking is good, but not great. I can range out to about 125ish feet with it. Its hard to accuratly gauge, but it good if you do not plan on upgrading.
The barrel is your standard stock 6.08 brass barrel. Its 495mm and gives about the same accuracy as any stock brass barrel. I’ll go into more detail about the accuracy in the performance section.

Here is the gearbox. It uses crappy 20AWG wire. I’m not happy with this, but I’ll soon replace it. The motor is a CA high torque motor. It gives a good ROF, but again I’ll talk about this more later. The finish on the gearbox is nice and smooth. It is a nice 7mm berring gearbox. No swirls that suggest it is a cheaply made GB shell. If looks smudgy, that’s because my fingers were dirty and it smudged a little around the bushings. It appears very strong. So far I’m impressed with the outside of the gearbox when compared to my TM V3 GB.

Heres the insides. The gear set looks really nice. I’m no expert on gears but I think these would last a long time if shimmed really well. I checked the shimming by taking the cylinder and piston stuff out. It seems really good, but there is slight play. Very little though. It still sounds crisp like a well shimmed gearbox. I can’t complain, but I am going to have it redone by a friend who is great at shimming just to be 100% sure for the long haul. The tappet plate seems strong. It doesn’t flex like my cheap CA sportline one did in my M4. Overal, I am impressed and happy with the internals. I’ll post updates every 10k rounds or so to let people know how long it lasts even after upgrades.

The ROF clocked in at 17-18rps with an 8.4v 1200mah battery fully charged. FPS is 315-320 stock at the crono with .20g BBs.
Accuracy: (Will be finished soon)
The range is pretty good with the stock bucking. It reaches out about 120-130ft. Its hard to say for sure, but its defiantly good range even for outdoor play right out of the box.

-great reliability out of the box(strong gearbox)
-good range from the stock bucking
-externals are amazing
-folding stock makes this gun usable in even CQB (I’ve tried sneaking around in my backyard to test this lol)

-accuracy is only decent out of the box
-crappy stock wiring
-cap in the end of the outer barrel/flash hider doesn’t allow use of any barrel longer than 495mm(a 509mm wont show through if used)

What am I going to upgrade? First I’ll start with the piston(G&P), piston head(AREA 1000), spring(guarder sp110), and new motor(AMP high torque). AWS AB MOSFET with new wiring. 11.1v lipo, deans. Externally, this gun is still a lot more customizable than people think. There are at least 5 different top rail/carry handle options, several stock options, including an M4 stock adapter. STANAG mag adapter… Also you can get a bipod, AG36 ‘nade launcher hand guard, and many other things like rail systems and more…


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