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Showcase cover image for Classic Army M15A4 rifle

General Information

So, this is my Classic Army M15A4 rifle. I went with a full on rifle instead of an M4 for some reason (I thought it was cool at the time). Needless to say this thing is LONG and it can be difficult to play around cover and in close to medium engagement distances. It really excels at 25 yards and beyond. It can take a large type battery in the stock no problem, currently I\'m using a large 8.4 v NIMH type battery.

Very solid and dependable rifle, Classic army is high quality. I\'ve upgraded the barrel to a 6.03mm classic army tightbore, and I slapped a fake ACOG (or facog) on there to help me see targets at long distances.

Overall you really can\'t go wrong with Classic army, at $280 this was a no brainer. There may be better brands out there but CA is still one of the best. Mine works well with .25 gram bbs for a little added accuracy at 400 fps.

Pics coming as soon as I put it back together



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