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Showcase cover image for CM 4 Reticle Reflex red dot Sight (shootercbgear)

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Hey guys It's me again, here to bring you another review from something I got at I was looking for a low-profile red dot for my GBBR. Now the most of you should know that not all 'airsoft' red dots can withstand the recoil of a gas blow back let alone a real rifle. This one surprised me. I have tried many red dots in the past and none of them seemed to have worked. All of them would lose zero(a fancy term for the reticle of a red dot not staying still permanently after adjustments) and some even just stopped working. This one, however, kept going and held zero. It has four reticles to choose from with both a green AND red setting. Now for the review.

The good: Lightweight. Low-profile. Green and red setting with four reticles to choose from(standard dot, cross, small circle with a large cross and large circle with a small cross). It can withstand the blow back of a GBBR and holds zero very well. It does not have a dark tint to the lens so you can use this for indoor/outdoor/night operations. 30$. I had to write the price in there because it really is good.

The bad: When I first examined it, the glass looked a little flimsy. Flimsy as in a bb hitting it will shatter it completely(like most red dots). I am going to pick myself up a lens protector(also can be found at shootercbgear) for 13$. The price you pay for the red dot and lens protector still does not round up to the average price of a 70$+ scope so keep that in mind. Something else that bothered me slightly was the battery placement(do not worry, it comes with the battery needed). I dislike opening up things and using batteries to the extent of it giving me a headache. The cover for the battery compartment needs some improvement.

The other: Recap time: Dual tone(red and green) four reticle lightweight low-profile inexpensive red dot that can withstand the recoil and hold zero on a GBBR for 30$. If you do not pick this up just because of the price there is something wrong with you. The battery compartment can use some work but that wont effect the overall value of the red dot. As for the flimsy lens, I would really suggest looking into the lens protector as it would save you time and money for ANY scope/red dot you own and it is only 13$. What are you waiting for? Go check it out at

Remember, practicality overwhelms stupidity! :)



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