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View attachment 780 CM028A FPS:400 with a .2 gram BB Range:250+ with hop up all the away up and .2 gram BBs Mag Cap:600 round Hi-cap mag Features: The CM028A is part of CYMA's CM028 line of AEGs that are cheap, very high quality, metal gearbox, reliable AK type assault rifles. They range from the $85-$120 price range on There a four variants of the CM028's. The CM028 is a classic AK that like it's other CM028 brothers, shares the crazy low price tag, metal gearbox and reliability. CM028A as in Alpha dog (pictured above and the same one I own) is the same as the classic CM028 But is all black and has four tactical rails for mounting whatever you want. INCLUDING FREAKING M203S AND OTHER GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!!!! The CM028C (as in C.A.W. or contractors assault weapon) has the black paint job and four rails as the Alpha Dog CM028 but has a unique M4 LE adjustable buttstock. CM028U (as in ugly) is the exact same as the pervious two CM028 rifles but has a Tactical side folding stock (T.S.F.S.). That wraps it up for this gun registery.



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