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I am 17 years old. I\'ve started a church team in southeastern Kentucky. I am the leader, head sniper, and lead tech for the team. I have played airsoft for 5-6 years. I took a break after a couple years of playing around with the neighbors because we were not heavily into it. I picked back up three years ago and decided to take on the sniper role. After discovering that I loved it, I\'ve played the sniper role in nearly every airsoft game I\'ve played since then. I am an acceptionally well sniper; since taking on the role, I guess I have been hit less than 25 times (the majority of that coming from times I had players with less experience on my team or I was playing the assault role). Maybe between 50 and 75 kills; this don\'t sound like much, but it is for a sniper. I wish the best for my team of about 15 teens, preteens, and even adults. Always trying to get them involved in games we have. Finally, I want to revive airsoft in my area (there were a few teams/groups a few years ago, but they have just disappeared). I plan to do this by converting a field into a CQB area at the least.



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