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Okay guys, I've been scouting Cool Combat's in door field for a little while now and I believe it's time for a review on the place. First of I'm going to talk about the field a little. Right off the bat I'm going to say it's awesome. 50,000sf, its huge. There are 5 major play areas. Rooms 2 and 3 are the two hot spots. Most of the action takes place here. On addition there is a small out door area thats also in play, giving a total of 6 areas to play in. The room layouts are also nicely done. Lots of tight areas with nice open areas as well. This field is also sniper friendly. Their are towers all over rooms 2 & 3 that give a good over view of the two rooms. Now to the players. All most everyone I've played with and against have been grate honorable players. I did have a problem with some younger new players getting trigger happy and shoot me in the back..... Repetitively..... but that happens. It was quickly resolved. I've also experienced no hit callers, but again thats expected from new players. Other than that, I have no beef here. The staff are a grate group of people also. Thay are friendly and are very welcoming to new people to the field. But thay can be a bit hard headed and in a way dont truly understand the internal fundamentals of how a airsoft rifle works. Hanging out around the crono, if someone cronoed to hot, thay will tell that person to adjust there hopup, that will help lower their fps reaction....HUH??? When I tried to explain that, that is a false assumption, that that only happens if there is a major air leak in the hop up chamber. Thay told me I was wrong that hop up can control the fps, that thay see and this all the take this as you want. Which now brings me to the crono. This is where the problem comes. I don't remember the brand the crono is, but its a big red box with 3 sets of rabbit ears. The owner swares by this thing and says its the best you can get......but it cronos 35-40 fps hot!! So the 335fps on .2s M4 we have cronoed at 375-380fps and was red tagged. All of my rifles cronoed like this. My FN F2000 shoots 290fps on .2s. It cronos there at 305fps with .25s. This was my first red flag. Now I have learned that a lot of players have been turned away, walked away, or slap just refuse to go back and play because of this. I confronted the owner about it. But he says its always the other 3 I cronoed my rifles on are wrong. So the 1> nope. Not in my logic. All in all. Its a good field to go play at. I'd post pictures, but I've neglected to take any. So sorry about that guys. Just if you plan on going to play here, know what your rifle is shooting befor you go and expect it to differ there. I do recommend the field though, thay just need to get the crono problem fixed. This is my first review I've ever done, so I welcome feedback on making it better next time. So let me know what you guys think, Thanks for reading.


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