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Hello all, my name is Cooper. I am originally from the Tri-State Area but relocated to get away from the high cost of living and a break from public safety. I have played airsoft before AEG started to be come scale replicas of the real steel counter parts lol. Relocated to North Carolina and picked back up in airsoft and surprise surprise, helped catch a robber and found myself getting back into the public safety field but this time on a county level vs city level. I built a team together consisting of my brothers and sisters in uniform and play every other weekend and sometimes more if my time allows. I am very involved in the community and the airsoft community by way of social networking and word of mouth. I try to bring the airsoft and public community together as to show that we are more than some \"fake gun toting posers\" that just get together to aimlessly shoot at one another. By doing public community projects, ventures and functions in full, partial or some airsoft team gear/paraphernalia, people can see what great people are in the airsoft community and that we have integrity on and beyond the field!



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