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Showcase cover image for Cpl Flores' M4

General Information

This is what I have right now Externals: DBoys BI-5781 M4 RIS Echo 1 PEQ box (houses standard 9v battery for tracer hop up unit Internals: Gearbox 1 Stock DBoys Ver.2 gb (they claimed it to be reinforced) Stock cylinder and cylinder head Stock trigger mech Stock tappet plate (sanded down for extra air nozzle protrusion) Bravo standard ratio gear set JBU full teeth aluminum piston (green) Stock piston head Modify air seal nozzle Echo 1 Metal spring guide w/ bearings Modify 7mm bushings Modify M110 spring Currently wired to deans Gearbox 2 Stock G&G Ver. 2 gearbox Modify air seal nozzle Modify 8mm (might be 9mm) metal bushing Stock cylinder from a TM or JG SIG 552 Tappet plate also modified for longer protrusion Unknown brand M110 spring Currently wired to deans, about to switch to 16 awg Bravo 6.03mm tightbore barrel 300mm length Madbull ultimate Hopup with led tracer unit AMP T5000L High Torque Motor



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