• I got this gun as my first gun. I am very happy with it and it performs very well with good fps and range. I use G&G 225rd mid-caps and I have 5 of them. I have a 9.6v NiMH from Tenergy but I want to switch to a LiPo. I am going to keep this gun for a while so I want to upgrade it a bit. What would be the best thing to upgrade for the price? I want to keep the fps just under 350 for CQB, what weight spring should I get?

    - Mini Maglight Pro
    - Laser with pressure button (unbranded from ebay lol) - works very well and only $30
    - Cheap suppressor I found on Airsoft Megastore
    - Bipod-grip I had from my paintball days
    - Red dot sight - don\'t remember the brand
    - G-Tac one-point sling - this is from Godfather Airsoft, a local store, don\'t cheap out on one cause it broke on me, luckily I was holding my gun. I am going to order a Condor one


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