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After a failed project to upgrade my CA M15-A4 with my tech buddy, I decided with my new found knowledge to start over from scratch, buying a CYMA colt M4A1 for a steal, my labor of love began. Using all the SHS parts put into my M4, (m130, polycarb piston w/14 steel teeth, upgraded cylinder head, 510mm tightbore, and a snow wolf high torque motor) and several hours of taking it slow, eventually adding on the scope, the JBU mock suppressor and the Magpul MOE handguard (along with using the outer barrel and the buttstock off of the CA) it's finished, eventually, I may add onto it an R-hop and maybe upgrade the spring but for now, I'm in love lol.

edit: I finally had an R-hop put onto my gun as well as changing the full stock out for a nice crane stock and putting the ArmaLite AR-15 body back on in place of the M4a1 body from the CYMA (AL body has more wear and tear on the paint to make it look more battle worn). Completed cost of the project is around $290 with the new R-hop and bipod attatched, pics are coming soon.
edit 2: Updated pictures are uploaded now with one picture featuring verification.



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