Custom Desert G4-A3

  • *I am currently working on my hopup, so I cannot determine the effective range yet*

    This is my current build, which started as an Airsoft GI G4-A3. It's not quite a G4 anymore.

    Here is the upgrade list:

    • Firefly Nozzle
    • ARS MASK Cylinder Head
    • G&P Explosive Piston Head w/ Bearing
    • G&P White Piston (5 metal teeth)
    • ARS Cratus 400 Competition Spring
    • Madbull Bearing Spring Guide
    • G&P 8mm Bearings
    • G&P M120 HS Motor
    • Hunterseeker Mosfet
    • Madbull M4 length 6.03mm TBB
    • 16 Guage Teflon Coated Wiring w/ Deans

    • Magpul PTS PRS
    • Leapers 3-9x40 Iluminated Scope
    • Element Noveske 12.5" RIS
    • Replica AFG
    • Custom JBU Long Mock Supressor


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