Custom DMR Masada

  • My first AEG, and first (only) HPA gun. Custim painted by myself using Ahab Tactical \'Hextec\' stencil and rustoleum spray paint.

    - G&P replica ACOG, 4x32
    - Replica Harris-style bi-pod
    - Pantac USA 2-point sling

    - Polarstar Gen2 Version2 Fusion Engine
    - Scar-H silver nozzle, shotened on a lathe to fit the Masada platform, bored larger to allow higher FPS with less PSI
    - Amped Airsoft low-flow poppet valve (red)
    - Amped Airsoft grip-line
    - Flat-hop using Firefly Namazu nub and Prometheus purple bucking


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