Custom Echo1 Platinum

  • This is a gun that I built for a teammate.

    -VFC shell, radiused.
    -VFC 8mm steel bushings.
    -13:1 gears, TerminusX sector, SHS spur, VFC bevel.
    -JG nylon tappet plate.
    -Core double O-ring nozzle.
    -VFC cylinder head.
    -VFC full cylinder.
    -VFC piston head.
    -Modify 7T ultra piston.
    -Cut SHS M130 spring.
    -VFC steel bearing spring guide.
    -RetroArms cutoff lever.
    -Apex Garter MOSFET.
    -JG trigger contacts.
    -Matrix Godzilla motor (24TPA).

    HopUp and barrel assembly:
    -Modify hopup chamber.
    -W-Hold bucking.
    -Masamune 6.01 inner barrel.


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