• This rifle is my field primary, however it is not restricted to that role due to the fact that it has a quick-change spring system, accessible simply by folding the stock over. Because of this, RPS is variable as well (but generally high). Fires semi & 3-round burst, and can hit normal sized targets at excellent range. A parts list is as follows:

    +Retro Arms V3 QSC Gearbox & Spring Guide w/ centering screw
    +Plenty of swappable springs
    +ZCI V2/3 Integration cylinder head
    +Sorbo & AOE correction
    +Rocket SIG o-ring nozzle
    +ZCI 6.02 455mm barrel
    +R-hop + m-nub
    +SHS 13:1 Gears
    +ZCI 8mm Bushings
    +Classic Army Metal Teeth Piston
    +Custom 32TPA Motor from Danny
    +Gate MERF 3.2 MOSFET
    +16awg wiring

    This rifle loves an 11.1, and manages a consistent and fast 3-round burst.


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