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General Information

M4 APS Receiver, 10\" free float ris, 15\" outer barrel, 6\" silencer, crane stock, 2-6x scope.

Silveredge EBB v2 gearbox, 18:1, full cylinder, SHS hopup chamber, Madbull Red Rubber, Ball bearings, QDS, HT Motor, 9.6v 1600mah nunchuck battery. 6.03 Madbull 455mm long TightBore precision barrel

5 - 140 bb Specna Magazine
5 - 60 bb Short PMAG
2 - 60 bb SRC Long PMAG

I\'ve added a polymer ring at the end of the freeloat rail (white color) to bring the outer barrel to the center. Applied insulation tape on the precision barrel to minimize the vibration in the outer barrel. Applied Teflon tape on the Hop up rubber and Cylinder head for a better seal. Used silicone oil in the Cylinder and Nozzle for a better seal. on the gears i used silicon grease for smoother operation.



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