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Showcase cover image for Custom SR-10 "Cecilia"

General Information

Custom SR-10

Classic Army metal body

Classic Army Full Stock

Classic Army Pistol Grip

Fixed Rear Sight

KWA SR-10 Outer Barrel

G&G 8MM gearbox (Guarder & G&P internals)

G&P M120 Motor

Systema bucking

G&P hop up

Echo 1 H-Nub

Madbull 6.03 509mm Tightbore

Magpul 10" MOE Handguards

Magpul AFG

Surefire Suppressor (Borrowed for the picture, don't have a suppressor to cover the inner barrel length.)

26 RPS on 11.1v LiPo

340 FPS w/.20g



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