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General Information

Hi, guys, in this thread ill be showing you my custom tm night warrior as well as listing some of the things that i have done to it.
I would also like to say that i have been getting quite a few offers on my custom guns and will be willing to build people custom guns however they would like them. With that being said im not a big fan of working on gearboxes so i will only build custom gbb pistols and gbbrs. I currently own a custom G&P VLTOR build that is made for a very high rof as well as quick trigger pull, this build was made to support my night warrior which also has a super light trigger pull. If you would like me to build you a custom gun simply show pm me and i will give you my contact information then show me what you would like your gun to look like and what preferences you have in terms of brand and the style that you like to play and i will begin the build. I will simply charge for the parts used in the build and a very small fee for my time.
Also if anyone has a broken gbb that they would like fixed i can gladly do it and depending on the size of the problem i can do most small fixes for free or a very small charge.
if you have any questions feel free to pm Clarke on here or email me at [email protected]
now time for some pictures:)

the work i have done to this gun include:
  1. Airsoft surgeon limcat custom slide
  2. AIP cocking Handle
  3. Laser grips
  4. Airsoft surgeon feather sear spring
  5. 140% hammer spring
  6. 120% "plunger spring"
  7. Shooters design comp ready barrel
  8. Shooters design compensator
  9. 160% heavy recoil spring
  10. Airsoft surgeon speed buffers
  11. 3 extended 40 rd tm mags
  12. upgraded mag release
  13. Lightweight aluminum guide rod
  14. Airsoft surgeon pro shooter scope mount
  15. G&P t1 red dot



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