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Showcase cover image for custom upgraded tokyo marui night warrior and stock kwa kp45 match

General Information

i have for you to see today a custom tokyo marui night warrior with 3 mags 2 are 40 rd long magazines and 1 is a 30 round meu mag that comes stock with the gun. i have also put an airsoft surgeon limcat custom slide on this gun along with an upgraded airsoft surgeon light weight sear spring (this makes double taps incredibly easy). aside from those ive put in a 140% recoil spring, a guarder steel compensator ready barrel along with a guarder compensator. last but not least i added a laser grip and converted the gun to single safety not ambi. also recently got an airsoft surgeon pro shooter scope mount with a g&p micro red dot for it (was it worth $100?).

the kwa is completely stock but only has around 5 mags through it. works very nicely



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