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Showcase cover image for Custom VFC KeyMod M4

General Information

30 RPS on an 11.1v
-VFC CNC upper and lower receivers
-7\" KeyMod hand guard
-Folding Sights
-11 inch barrel
-Numbered buffer tube
-PTW style stock

-SHS 13:1 gears.

-SHS piston, AOE corrected.

-Super Shooter POM piston head.

-18 TPA neo motor, arm shimmed, magnets shimmed, bullet modded for 3.5mm bullet connectors.

-SHS steel pinion.

-Avengers 8mm shell, radiused. (has lonex style inner reinforcements).

-Nylon tappet.

-ZCI steel full cylinder.

-Super Shooter cylinder head.

-ZCI o ring nozzle.

-ZCI 8mm steel bushings.

-ZCI steel cutoff lever.

-SHS contacts

-VFC Steel bearing spring guide.

-M130 spring.

-Apex Garter MOSFET w/ 16ga wiring and Deans.

-MOSFET is hidden in gearbox shell so it doesn\'t get in the way of the stock or battery.

Barrel setup: 6.03 tight bore, flat hopped bucking, prommy flathop nub, and pps cnc red hop up chamber.



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