Custom voltor 9" m4

  • the base WAS a KWA km4 ris, however the only original parts are the cylinder, cylinder head, and the trigher gaurd. the parts list is as follows.
    CA M15A5 crane stock(tan)soon to be replaced with a magpull UBR-(Still looking for recomendations for a stock though).
    Madbull PWS buffer tube with QD sling mount(black).
    VFC M416 grip (black)
    discontinued custom G&P Voltor body with voltor custom v-style upper and forward assist. (tan)
    Aps Rhino backup sights (tan)
    magpull charging handle(black)
    Tokyo Marui dust cover (black)
    stock KWA fire selector, body pins, and forward assist, and magazine catch. (all black)
    stock KWA trigger gaurd (black)-soon to be a magpull trigger gaurd(black)
    JG dummy bolt release (black)
    i use grey MAG 120rd mid caps
    Daniel Defence LITE 9" ris (dark earth) looks great with tan!
    king arms cqb outer barrel (black)
    madbull 2" barrrel extension 14mm ccw
    Viva arms 150mm mock suppressor about 5.5 inches(black) 450mm total inner barrel length.
    PRE Brand-limited edition Vega (pre brand vfc) gas block(grey)
    Pre lawsuit G&P clone holo sight w/BRAVO magnifier (black
    real steal Shurfire USMC PEQ-15 light/lazer (black)
    amp metal vertical grip-medium(black)
    magpull xtm rail covers(black)
    lonex A2 motor w/ shs pinion
    element silver plate wire set and trigger set
    Raptor NON-AB mosfet(deans)
    element selector plate
    shs 16:1 gearset
    modify tappet plate
    systema m120
    systema gerbox shell
    stock kwa cylinder and cylinder head
    shs full tooth piston 2nd tooth removed
    prometheus piston head (pom)
    shs ball bearing spring guide
    prometheus air nozzle (pom)
    pro win hop up chamber
    prometheus soft bucking
    445mm 6.03 prometheus tight bore barrel
    firefly flat nub
    battery- custom 11.1 2500mah 25c lipo
    fps 415-420
    rps 35 11.1
    rps 20 somthing 9.6 1600mah


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