Cybergun Colt M4A1 R.I.S

  • I\'ve been running this gun for about two years now. I\'ve done no internal modifications as of now, however I have plans to put either a miracle barrel, or just a tight bore barrel in in the near future. I would also like to do the needed work to truly make my gun lipo ready. At the moment I\'m just running it with a 9.6v battery. As of so far it has sufficed, but who doesn\'t like a little more trigger response and rof. Exterior modifications, I\'ve done quite a few. I removed the front triangle sight, and put on flip up sights as well as a reflex, red, green, sight. I\'ve added an angled grip and also replaced the plastic orange flash hider with a medal black one. I\'ve considered putting one a free float rail, but haven\'t completely sold myself on that idea yet. I would really like more rail space though.


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