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General Information

This one isn't mine, it's my friend's but he leaves it at my house since he only uses it here. I broke it once, and had to spend another $20 on a replacement before he noticed it broke :D.

-First Impressions
It was my first airsoft pistol I've seen, so I thought it was cool. It was also the closest thing I had to a "back-up" weapon. But, im not a pistol kind of guy, I'd rather get a $70 MP5K than a $170 Deagle, just cause I'm not to fond of pistols.

You all know how Kalashnikovs look, so its hard to tell you how it looks. The wood is really convincing, because its real :D. I think the Mix of dark metal and the bright wood looks beautiful, but thats me.

It felt like a cheap springer. It was from ****'s Sporting Goods, so you'd expect that. It is not heavy at all, the only weight in it are 2 large metal bricks glued inside of it, other than that, its all plastic. But shoving the magazine into it, and cocking it was fun :D, I think that's how I broke it.

No, dont take this into the field, unless of course its a 5 feet engagement range only. This thing is terribly inaccurate, the .20 start's to curve down at 7 feet, with .12's at 12 feet. Though easy tp unjam, the trigger feel's like it will snap internally any minute.

It came with a mount, a blue light, and my 2nd on came with a fake RDS. Dont waste money on modding this, its a waste of time.

No mods are possible with this. It's waaaayy to cheap.

Overall, this gun is terrible. Do yourself a favor and save up $30 more, get get a Cm.030.

If you have the money, don't but it. Its just not worth it. Just another disappointment in the long line of Cybergun's products...



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