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General Information

This project is a bit funny to me, a few weeks ago I thought about \"retiring\" my MP5K and use the internal parts in other guns. Things took a significant turn when I one evening decided to take an LCT AKM stock I wasn\'t using and try and mount it on this gun, just for fun. It turned out more decent than expected and this inspired me to invest more time and money in this gun and turn it into something unique. A DSG MP5K with an AKM stock is quite unique, don\'t you agree? Before it did 29rps at .9 joules, now it does a more enthusiastic 51rps at .85 joules.

Mounting the AKM stock (process is shown in my build thread) to this gun allowed me to use a significantly more powerful battery than the pathetic Firefox 11.1V 20C 1200mAh li-po I used before. Now it can fit a beastly Gens Ace 11.1V 25C (true rating) 2500mAh li-po, this battery can easily provide enough power for any setup. I also did some modifications to the lower receiver and grip to convert it to rear wiring with higher wire gauge. Before I used a mix of 16 and 18 AWG, now it\'s 16AWG all the way.

The internal setup consists of this:

Stock CYMA GB shell
SHS M170 spring
SHS 15T piston, glued teeth rack, removed all redundant teeth and the body is heavily swissed
Lonex POM piston head, weight reduced, drilled out material from the bottom
Lonex MP5K air seal nozzle
Guarder Stainless CH
KS chrome plated P90 cylinder
DA tappet plate, shortened fin, I also filed a small indentation for the sector gear shaft to optimize air seal
CA steel spring guide
Element smooth 7mm steel bushings
Stock trigger and cut-off
TM \"EG7000\" motor, it\'s an EG700 armature in a KA neo can, pinion is Prometheus

Barrel and hop-up:
DYI 160mm barrel cut from an old JG barrel, heavily polished
Stock hop-up chamber with Lonex 50* bucking

Turnigy 16AWG wiring with HK \"Deans\" connector, wires soldered to the motor
DYI basic 3034 based \'fet
2x15A PTC fuse
Gens Ace 11.1V 25C 2500mAh li-po



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