Cyma AK74 - barely used

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    Original equipment:
    Charger: Yixin Electronic AC/DC Adapter
    Model: Yx-4118D
    Input: AC 110V 60 Hz
    Output: DC 8.4V 250mA
    Battery: Ni-MH
    2/3A 1200 mAH 8.4V
    Unjamming Rod
    Sight Adjustment Tool
    User Manual
    CM-048 Full Metal Semi & Full Auto

    AK Gunsight support sidereal (full metal)
    Lancer Tactical Red/Green dot sight
    -Objective lens: 30mm
    -Brightness: Adjustable (1-5)
    -Power: 1x
    -Material: Aluminum
    Tenergy Universal Smart Charger
    -For 7.2V-12V NiMH/NiCd battery pack
    -Tenergy NiMH battery
    -1600 mAN
    P.S.B.P. 0.30g white 5.95mm diameter
    -One full, unopened pack
    -2/3 left in opened pack
    -2000 shots per pack


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