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Showcase cover image for CYMA CM028 AK47

General Information

This is a fantastic gun for those just getting into the sport of airsoft. It costs around 95 dollars on most airsoft sites but I got mine for 70 on Airsoft GI using coupon codes. It can compete with higher end guns without breaking the bank. However, I would recommend getting a 9.6v small type battery and smart charger because the battery it comes with is huge and barely fits in the compartment, and the charger it comes with is a crappy trickle charger. I also recommend using .25g BBs for maximum effectiveness. If you want to add accessories in the future, I would not reccomend this gun because it comes with no rails and no mounts for an optic rail. However, you can find optic rails that mount using the two screws on the bottom of the gun. Overall, it\'s a fantastic gun, especially for beginners or for loaning because it is affordable but very effective.



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