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Showcase cover image for CYMA M14 EBR DMR

General Information

I just got a new CYMA M14 EBR that I plan to make into a DMR. It has a full metal body with only the pistol grip and crane stock being plastic. It is also very detailed with a working bolt lock. It\'s a very solid gun and it performs exceptionaly well. I can acuratly hit tagets well out of their range with the 3-9 x 32mm scope. I also attached a magpul AFG1 that has the pressure swith for my green laser. Attached to the laser is a 300 lumen flashlight with a toggle/pressure switch just above the left rail cover for my thumb. In front of the AFG I have a D-Boys bipod and the last thing to note is I use five 190rnd mid caps which work perfectly. Overall, I definatly recommend this gun.

I plan to upgrade this gun a bit, bigger spring, better motor, lipo battery. I want to replace the stock with a fixed position sniper stock that adjusts and I would put the lipo in the buffer tube.

There are a few negative things I can say about this gun. The grip and the stock are clearly very cheap plastic and both became loose easily. I will be replacing the stock soon and I will probably just get a cover for the grip. The stock, even when tightened, is still slightly loose and to use my scope correctly, it needs a risor. The bolt rubs against the receiver when you pull it back but I\'m sure I can find the spot and file it down alittle. One more thing not about the gun itself, the bipod I ordered is missing a connector piece rendering it useless. Fortunatly, Airsoft Megastore has great customer service and they are sendimg me a replacement piece.



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