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My Cyma M14, which is currently my only gun. It is one of the better clone guns I have seen and shows Cyma's true potential. I would definitly reccomend this. It truely is a great buy because you get a gun with a tbb and 200ft effective range for only $140 dollars. I am planning on buying some upgrades as it is a great DMR platform from what I have heard. The King Arms midcaps I bought feed BEAUTIFULY after proper lubing and breaking in. The only down side would be how heavy it gets if you add any external upgrades.

-Stock Tbb
-Bolt makes awesome sound when racked
-200ft effective range stock
-Good Dmr platform
-Low fps making it hard to use heavier bb's
-loose selector(fixed by tightening screw)
-Have to buy a adapter to use harris bipod
-Have to buy scope mount but it is only $15

Thanks for reading.

God Bless,



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