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This is one of my main guns. It\'s short presice, and has been modded with everything! Nothing (Besides the main metal body) is standart,so all the internals has been changed / Upgraded and modded.

Upgrades and mods:
SHS, Light weight piston.
SHS 13:1 Gears with sector clip.
Guarder SP115 spring.
ICS Metal spring guide.
SHS metal bushings.
Bigger wires.
Home made Dual Mosfet.
Turnigy Nano 1200 mah Lipo 11.1v (Just to drive the mosfet ON)
Turnigy Nano 2200 mah Lipo 7.4v (Just to power the motor)
External battery bag.
Swish Army, read dot sight. (On Top rail)
Safety Cut off swith (In case the mosfet [that can handle ~100 amps]shorts out)
Attachment sling.
Hop Up Arm extension (So you can work the hop up without having to open the gun)
Full End to End - Air sealing mod
Barrel stabilization
Angle of engagement ajustment (With rubber spacers on cylender head)
G&P m170 Devil motor
Motor Magnet Shimming.

Shoots 123 Mps (on the 115 spring)
Rate of Fire is 36 Rounds per second (on the 7.4v lipo), 43 Rps on 11.1

So why all that heavy upgrades? Because i can :) .. I\'m especialy happy about my home made dual mosfet, with a seperate battery to turn it on/off that means i can run anything from 8.4v nimh batterys to 17v Lipo\'s with out having to be conserned about my mosfet...
All in all a nice small CQB gun that out performes most guns... And i paid arround 200$ US for everything ...


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