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This is one of my favorite AEG\'s, my reliable little MP5K. It doesn\'t look very intimidating, but it\'s surprisingly effective for field use, and obviously very effective for CQB. This little fella gets quite a bit of attention on the local field because of it\'s high performance in a relatively discrete body.

The internals are fully upgraded and tuned to make it into a high performance CQB and field gun. I\'ve kept the stock gearbox shell, trigger system and hop-up chamber, but everything else has been upgraded. Because of local field rules for full auto in CQB, I\'ve kept it below 1 joule. I replaced the neo EG700 motor I had in it with a DA Ultra Torque motor, to bump up the ROF to approx. 33rps, and replaced the M100 spring with an M130 to give it a crisper trigger response.

Stock GB shell with Element 7mm oilless steel bushings
DA Ultra Torque motor
DA 15T piston
M130 spring (for crisper trigger response)
SHS 1st gen 13:1 ratio gears
Stock spring
Stock trigger mech and switch
Stock ARL
Guarder clear hop-up bucking
Lonex compression parts
Lonex spring guide
18AWG silicone wiring, couldn\'t git 16AWG, and 18AWG is sufficient for the low current.
DIY IRLB3034 based \'fet, with 45A polyfuse. (I originally planned a more ridiculous setup)
HK TX \"Deans\" contact
Turnigy Nanotech 11.1V 40-80C 1400mAh li-po.



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