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Showcase cover image for Cyma p.1093

General Information

I bought this gun, in a sad attempt to convert it into an SVU, but since my motivation for an SVU has died out with my love of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Video games, i just keep it as a spare, and a fun little thing to shoot at 5 am. (since its not to loud) You can get this at Kapowwe, but other than that, im not so sure.

-First Impressions
Originally, when i first got it, I planned to convert it to an SVU prototype, but thats changed...For a springer, it weighed pretty nice. The fake wood, was fake, but it looked somewhat real. The orange flash hider, was pretty much the front end of the gun (as seen in the picture.)

Looks like an AK47, obviously not real, and the plastic body doesn't look real at all, and unless you are 5 ft or closer, you cant tell if the wood is fake or not. It appears to be cheap, but from reviews that I've read, it is very reliable, and long lasting.

Heavy for a springer, or at least it was for me, since my other springer was a crappy spring mp5, which weighed less than a banana. (funny side note, I ended up using that MP5 as a target :p) The only metal part (that i can tell) is the bolt cover, which you cock back to shoot, so its wise that it is metal.

Not to bad actually, i liked the feel, the sights were easy to use, and it shoots .2's fine! I don't have much to say here though, since I haven't shot it that much.

Sure, i guess you could get a $15 scope mount, and a scope (and obviously a TBB) if you want to actually use this in the field. But it didn't come with anything.

Yeah, a TBB is possible, i personally haven't done anything to it, (since i have way better guns) but I bet you could modify it.

Overall, this gun aint half bad, for the money, its great. pretty accurate, isnt hard to cock, shoots easily, hasn't jammed on me yet, I'd give it an 7/10.

If your looking for a cheap springer, this is it (at least in my opinion.) It maybe not be the best, or the most reliable, but I sure wouldn't be embarrassed to bring this with me on the field in a springer war. Yet another good gun, good job CYMA.



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