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Showcase cover image for Daenerys - Mother of Handguns

General Information

I introduce you my second baby, Daenerys, Mother of handguns!

This is my most recent purchase (for now), I bought this baby brand new at the ASGI store in Walnut, CA. I\'ve been wanting this gun since the day I googled \"desert eagle\" lol.

Massive, intimidating, ear ringing loud and hard kicking like you wouldn\'t believe it. It compares to the recoil of a .22 firearm! It is a Tokyo Marui copycat of the TM Desert Eagle Hard Kick. But unlike the TM this thing is full metal! (with the exception of the frame and grip) and weighs a whopping 2.4 lbs!!

So far she\'s been good to me. I bought this gun not for it\'s practical use (obviously) but mostly for the fear factor. I am a DM so I know I will be rarely using my sidearm, but when I do I want my enemy to know he or she just made a VERY bad move. And if he or she takes me down, I will make sure they go down too... with very...big....welts!

Also I asked my best friend to paint her gold so I can still look unique just in case someone else shows up with a D.E (DO NOT CALL IT A DEAGLE!)



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