• I started playing airsoft back in 2007 when I was invited to a friends\' place for a weekend game. Ever since then, I\'ve been hooked. Fast forward to around 2009, I finally got my first \"real\" airsoft gun, a JG G36K that replaced my old Crosman Pulse R72. It was around a year later that I really began my airsoft career. A few friends and myself formed a small group and played nearly every weekend, weather permitting. During this time I began tinkering with my airsoft guns. Making bigger batteries, improving the fire rate and fps; really basic things. The world of DSG\'s, R-hops and Lipo batteries was not yet known (to me at least) and the things I was experimenting with then, nowadays are nothing.

    It was around 2011 that the group of friends I had been playing with began to fall apart. The group was losing interest in airsoft, opting to play a certain popular video game instead. Not wanting to be part of this, myself and two friends found a local group that has a passion for the sport. To make a long story short, five years later we still play with this group every weekend, weather permitting. It was with this group that my airsoft career took another major leap forward.

    One of my first jobs was at a local airsoft store. After speaking to the owner and showing him a small presentation, I was hired as a tech. It was then I really learned the ins and outs of nearly every major make and model of rifle as well as new ways of honing my techniques for building and upgrading platforms as well as interacting with clients. It didn\'t take long for word to spread about my work, and before I knew it, I would show to work with five or six rifles on my bench a day. It was during this time (about a year in) that the business decided to open a field and I was brushed aside in order to cut costs shortly after the field was opened. The store and field both closed a few months later.

    Once the adventure at this store ended I went back to playing with my group on a more regular basis. This continued for around two years until the summer of 2015. This is when my career took its third leap forward. The summer of 2015 my group decided to attend Operation Blind Fury 12. For may of us (myself included) this was our first \"major\" milsim event. After a weekend of scorching heat and sweltering humidity, we returned a new team. Fast forward a year, and I made the trip to Blind Fury 13 solo. Again, it was a great weekend despite the heat and humidity and running with one other member from my team.

    Recently, airsoft has taken a backseat to my college studies. I\'m going for by BS in Architecture at my university and am working to finish mt degree in the next year. When I get the chance to travel back home, I still do tech work, although not on a commercial scale. It\'s usually reserved for members of my team or those who know me and ask for it. I also play every chance I get and plan to venture out to some of the other fields around my area in the future.


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