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My name is Dante, I've been playing airsoft for almost a year now. I started out as a hater, thinking that airsoft wasn'treally all that, but then I actually got into it and played a few real games (by real I mean larger scale, not backyard skirmishes or running around the house with a spring pistol), and now I'm hooked. When I first got into airsoft, it was with personal close friends and they didn't mind that I used a Crosman 525 (Recruit) .177 cal BB rifle instead of an actual airsoft rifle, but once I started playing with "extended" friends (people I had only met two or three times) they didn't want that gun in the game. Well I was broke for a little while so I would just use a friend's AEG or if I was lucky, borrow a sniper off someone, but I finaly got my own and it's the greatest.
As far as in the field, I like to have on my off-brand camelbak during games but I recently started using a backpack to carry some extra gear, so I took the bladder and ranthe hose/bite valve through the headphone port on bag so it doubles as a hydration pack and a gear pack. I like to keep a thin "fleece" balnket (one of those $2 ones from walmart with the cardboard around it) as a shooting mat, it helps me keep track of the cartridges from the Super 9 (it ejects the spent cartridges when the bolt is cycled. I am a hide sniper, not a run-and-gun, "scout sniper" (some of you have a misunderstanding of the meaning of that phrase), so usually you're not going to see me during a game unless I want you to. I carry a sheet of burlap for field expedient ghillie, and currently I'm working on building a ghillie suit, so wish me luck!



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