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General Information

Love the SCAR, so I decided to upgrade mine as best I could, and so it became a DMR. Not HPA-tapped though, I dislike the look. Also not R-hopped. Yet.
So far there are infrequent feeding issues but functions just fine. It might be because of the new midcaps but not sure. Haven\'t yet tested range and accuracy.

Internals: (stock if unmentioned)
- AirsoftPro CNC hop-up unit
- Prometheus 455mm 6.03mm inner barrel
- Maple Leaf AST 70d bucking
- Maple Leaf OHM flat nub
- JG Gold Eagle (Blue) high-torque motor
- Scatterplot 3/16\" 70d V2/V3 sorbopad
- SHS 7mm bushings
- Ace1Arms Type A (type 0/non-ported) cylinder
- SHS metal M4 cylinder head (V2 Short type)
- AirsoftPro CNC aluminum nozzle (38.4mm)
- SHS full steel 15-tooth piston
- SHS CNC aluminum ball-bearing piston head
- Ace1Arms M130 main spring
- SHS 13:1 high-speed gears
- SHS sector gear delay chip

- Madbull PWS SCAR rail extension
- ACM ladder rail covers - tan
- ACM AFG1 foregrip - tan
- Matrix 3-9x50 illuminated scope - desert
- Blue Force molded universal wire loop - coyote brown
- APS outer barrel extensions (multiple)
- AAC SCAR-SD suppressor/flash hider combo - black
- Matrix folding bipod w/ rubber feet
- ACM WML-style flashlight - tan

Others (not shown):
- Airsoftlogic 11.1V stick lipo (30-60C, 1450mAh, Deans) that just fits in buttstock
- Magpul MS4 sling - black
- Plano 10586 Gun Guard SE Double Case
- Extra VFC midcap mags - tan

- Custom electrical work by a local tech:
- Hinge system replaced with wiring through back plate (holes drilled)
- 16ga silver low-resistance wiring to deans
- Hard-wired trigger contacts to MOSFET in buttstock
- Selector plate permanently modded to fire semi-only
- Gearbox radiused, shimmed, polished, cleaned & regreased
- AOE correction with sorbopad, including piston teeth removed
- Sanding/filing of tappet plate, spur gear area, cylinder window
- Teflon taped bucking, inner barrel stabilisation with Teflon tape
- Removed bolt catch (interfered with hopup access when using charging handle)



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