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Howdy, from Zimmerman, Minnesota, USA!

My name is Evan Wester. I\'m seventeen years-old, and I\'ve been playing Airsoft since I was twelve. I got into the sport in a more serious manner just this year, though.

I don\'t get to play real Airsoft too much. Not many players around where I live, and most of the people who do, don\'t have anything better than a half-broken china-made AEG, or a spring-powered Crosman shotgun.

There\'s one serious team near where I live, called OPFOR Airsoft. I was best-friends with the leader of it up until the fifth-grade, but we had a falling-out due to him attending a charter-school. When I learned that he was the leader of a \"professional\" Airsoft team, I saw the opportunity to re-establish our friendship, and joining up with a group in one-swing. However, I was unofficially denied-entry due to what I assume to be religious differences (he\'s, along with the rest of his group, a Christian. I\'m not...well, anything, and he knows that). The leader told me that there would be try-outs, but I was never given a date for when. I tried calling back several times, but I was never answered. I took the hint.

My Airsoft guns don\'t get much use, and when they do, it\'s in the basement since I live within city-limits. (I\'m like, literally twenty-feet away from Livonia Township...) I have an improvised indoor shooting-range in my basement, and that\'s about it.

I have a very, very positive disposition towards machine-pistol replicas, especially ones with folding-stocks, extended magazines, and vertical grips. My dream-replica is a full-auto Toyko Marui 3.8 Hi-Capa, with a side-folding stock, extended magazines, and a vertical-grip. I\'m quite a minimalist, so that\'s certainly affected my tastes in replicas, too, it seems.

I don\'t much like to move around in gunfights, out of cover, I mean. The best results came from me staying in cover, throwing bundles of sticks, or sand, anything (harmless) to distract my opponents, really, just before I peeked out. I always had a teammate cover me whenever I moved to a different position, which was almost-exclusively hard-cover.

I loathe low-quality Airsoft guns. China-made, or \"budget-clones\", generally won\'t win any favors, or looks from me. (Not that my looking is anything more special than someone else\'s.) I feel that Airsofters should always try to buy at least Tokyo-Marui or better, since the quality of Tokyo Marui\'s replicas, and their accessories are worlds above other Chinese, or other shoddy manufacturers, (HFC, AGM, ACM, WE-Tech\'s pistols. I own two WE-Tech 3.8 Hi-CAPA replicas because Tokyo Marui doesn\'t make 3.8 Hi-CAPA replicas.)

However, It\'s not my place to attack, or flame other players who use those sorts of replicas. It\'s not my money they\'re spending, so I shouldn\'t have a say in what they do with it. I feel that making recommendations to other players is the furthest extent of expression that my opinions and feelings should reach, and that my recommendations should be made in a polite, and civilized manner. I feel that other players should treat their Airsofting-peers with the same consideration. However, that\'d be a double-standard for me to outright defend another user, since my standards aren\'t necessarily someone else\'s. The most I\'d be able to do, is make a polite-request that they try and be more considerate of their peer\'s opinion, and leave it at that.

If you\'re hosting an Airsoft event within reasonable distance from Zimmerman, MN, I\'d be more than happy to join you for it. That is, if you should invite me, of course.

Most images that I post of myself, and my gear is usually recent. Some images, however, might be a few months old.

Thanks for reading!



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