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General Information

My first primary since starting airsoft. Received from a mystery box buy. A lot of headache because of questionable QC and proprietary parts. Would not recommend as a first gun, but I\'ve made sure it\'s durable now and that it\'ll last a while. I\'m happy with the final result.
Unknown max range and accuracy. Because of its decent ROF (even when it was stock), its short 190mm inner barrel, and its low fps, I\'m using it primarily as a CQB gun. It\'s also pretty loud and distinctive-sounding because of the aluminum piston.

Internals: (stock if unmentioned)
- Lonex 8mm V2 gearbox shell (stock shell cracked in the front)
- SHS 8mm ball-bearing bushings
- Ace1Arms CNC hopup for M4 (stock hopup was a bit too small for most buckings)
- SHS Ver.2 high-speed motor (stock motor was starting to burn out)
- VFC M4/M16 trigger (someone attempted the hair-trigger mod but filed too much off)
- APS CNC bore-up air seal nozzle for M4/M16
- Matrix CNC light-weight aluminum piston with metal teeth
- Scatterplot 3/16\" 40d V2/V3 sorbopad
- G&G ball-bearing spring guide

- DeepFire TRX-style metal rail set
- ACM ladder rail covers - black
- ACM AFG2 foregrip - black
- ACM ElectroRed 4 reticle reflex sight - black
- ACM CQB rear sling attachment point
- Magpul RSA front sling mount
- ACM WML-style light - black
- Unknown flash hider - silver (came with the gun)

Others (not shown):
- G&P 7.4V 2500mAh 20C nunchuck lipo (Deans)
- Magpul MS3 sling - OD
- Castellan hexmag 120rd polymer midcap mags - black

- Hard-wired trigger contacts to MOSFET in buffer tube by local tech
- Gearbox radiused, shimmed, polished, cleaned & regreased
- AOE correction with sorbopad, including piston teeth removed
- Sanding/filing of tappet plate, sector gear & bevel gear areas, pistol grip to receiver
- Flat hopped bucking that came with hopup unit
- Teflon taped bucking, inner barrel stabilisation with Teflon tape
- Removed bolt cover & charging handle (bolt cover was warped and interfered with hopup access, and dust cover didn\'t stay closed) and forward assist (lost retaining pin during a game; serves no purpose in airsoft anyway)



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